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Our names are Tara and Patrick, we are both 27 years old and live in Zwolle in the Netherlands.

Four years ago we got in our first cat and we enjoyed it so much! After a year we chose to take in a second cat. After a long search we decided we wanted to have a Kurilian bobtail. We took in Dani (she was named Corki at the time) and were sold to the breed instantly.

We chose to get Casper from Spain because he looked like a good match for Dani, and we wanted to have kittens. This turned out to be one of the best choices. Casper is a beautiful friendly male and the combination witch Dani gave us beautiful kittens.

We are a small cattery and we have a litter from time to time. We chose to take in three cats because our cats are part of our family and we can give them all the attention they need. We like to meet the (future) owners of our kittens and love to receive pictures of them after they left te cattery.

If you have any questions about our cats of are interested in a kitten please contact us. You can reach us via Whatsapp, e-mail and phone.


Tel: +31 614291843

E-mail: tara.vanweers@hotmail.com