Dani (Lucky Paws Blue Hawaii)


Dani was born in Anjum, in the north of Holland on the 4th of may 2015. She is our first Kurilian.

She is a beautiful Silver Torti Tabby girl (FS 09 23).
Despite the fact that she only weighs 4 kilo, she still is the boss in our home. She’s not a fighter, but she demands respect just by the way she can look. If a kitten is ambushing her she wil simply sit still en look at it with her ‘look’, this always works.

Dani is the best mother any kitten can wish for. She is loving, caring and a bit over-concerned sometimes.

She loves to play an to cuddle with us. When i sit on the couch Dani will jump on my lap within seconds. Also she likes it when you pick her up and just carry her around the house doing the chores.



3xCAC U1 + Champion